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Knitting Freebies


5 Effective Ways to Get Free Yarn

Find Freebies for Knitters and Crocheters



5 Ways to Find Free Yarn - Article 


As a longtime crafter, I have been getting yarn and other stuff for knitting and crocheting in different ways. And yes, it is always quite reasonable to shop for lower priced products you need.

Yet why not take this experience to a next level and try to find free stuff instead of paying?

In this article, I give a few recommendations how to find free yarn, needles, and other accessories for crocheting and knitting.



1. Ask for Used Stuff Donations from Family and Friends


Ask your family and friends to donate you old sweaters and other knitwear they do not need anymore and do not mind donating.

I usually ask for used wool clothes as I have had successful experience with home wool recycling. I recycle used knits (if they are recyclable) and later give some of newly made ones back to the donors.

Recycling has quite a few great bonuses. Not only is it good for environment. It is fun and satisfying, too. Making new nice and useful stuff out of used discarded garments feels quite rewarding. Let alone the money you save!

Here is a sweater I knitted using recycled yarn. I admit to being very pleased with the result.


Free Yarn Sweater



2. Exchange Your Skills for Yarn and Accessories


Advertise or use other ways to let people know that you can make something customized for them in exchange for yarn, supplies or recyclable knitwear. Post pictures of your works to show what you can create. This is a good way to cooperate with lovers of local hand-made customized stuff.

Test knit or crochet items for designers who can reward you with yarn. Even though this approach is challenging, some knitters and crocheters can be successful with it. 

Another way is teaching others how to knit or crochet in exchange for the stuff you need. In addition to material benefits, this experience can be emotionally rewarding, too.


How to Find Free Yarn



3. Trade Your Unwanted Stuff


Barter your stuff that you do not want anymore (can be anything) with others who have items you are interested in. Be pro-active and post your offers with various options. Local classifieds, social media, as well as specialized sites and mobile applications are helpful tools to do this. There is a lot of stuff to be swapped out there in your neighborhood!



4. Check Local Free Stuff Ads


Local classifieds and social media groups and boards (such as Craigslist ads and Facebook Marketplace ads) give you great opportunities to find free yarn, recyclable knitwear, needles, hooks, stitch holders, magazines, books and more. 

I got lucky a few times to pick up bags of yarn and some needles and hooks thanks to Craigslist.

Most of the yarn was worsted medium- or heavy-weight acrylic yarn in various colors. I used it to make blankets, rugs, and bags. A couple of these knits are in the photo below.


How to Get Free Yarn



5. Place Wanted Stuff Ads


Post your ads in the local Wanted section on Craigslist and other classifieds, marketplaces, and social boards on a regular basis. When requesting donations, explain why you need them, especially if you do crafts for charity.