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Increase Stitches


How to Knit Invisible Increases

Increase Stitches - 3 Effective Techniques



Quite often, knitters need to make additional stitches while working different garments.

The 3 methods below are nearly invisible, as they are shaped within the body of the knit piece.

Worked this way, they leave neither hole nor gap.


M1- Make One: Increase Through Lifted Twisted Loop


How to make a M1

With the left needle, pick up the loop running below between stitches of the previous (bottom) row (see step 1 below) and then knit a stitch through the back of the lifted loop (see step 2 below).


M1 inc raised increase

 Step 1


Raised inc M1 knit increase

 Step 2


RLI - Right Lifted Increase


How to make a RLI 

Pick up and lift the top of the stitch below the next stitch to be knitted yet (at the right of this next stitch).

Then knit the lifted stitch: 


Right Lifted Increase How to Knit


After this continue working next stitches as your pattern instructs. This picture below is an example how you knit a regular stitch after a right lifted increase:


How to Knit Right Lifted Increase (Up1)



LLI - Left Lifted Increase


How to make a LLI 

This method mirrors the RLI method above. After you knit a regular stitch, pick up and lift the top of the stitch below the knitted stitch (at its left). Then knit the lifted stitch.