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One-Piece Tunic


Seamless Top-Down One-Piece Tunic

Sleeveless Raglan Top with Yoke - Free Knitting Pattern



Summer Top - Knit Bamboo Yarn Tunic Green - Womens


A bamboo cotton raglan summer top knitted in one piece from the top down. No seams.

No purling! A garter yoke with yarn-over increases has a low V-neckline.

Most of the lower body is worked in stockinette ending with a garter hem.


Long Sleeveless Summer Top Tunic Knitting


Summer Tank Tunic Long One-Piece Knitting in the Round



Women's S [M, L, XL] - Small [Medium, Large, Extra Large]


Level of skills




Knit, yarn over, simple increase



Chest: 32 [36, 40, 44]'' /81 [91.5, 102, 112] cm

Length (center back): 24 [24, 25, 25.5]'' /61 [61, 63.5, 65] cm

Armhole depth*: 5 [5, 5.5, 6]'' /13 [13, 14, 15] cm  

*Armholes will get somewhat stretched down when you wear tunic due to weight of lower body part



Baby-weight Tencel Bamboo Cotton Yarn(see my detailed review)

1.75 oz /50 g, 220 yds/201 m each skein - for double (2-strand) knit

Total 5.5 [6, 6.5, 7] skeins (incl. 2 [2, 2.5, 2.5] skeins in green color and 3.5 [4, 4, 4.5] skeins in beige color)

Substitute yarn

Worsted medium-weight cotton or acrylic yarn - for single (1-strand) knit

Total 750 [820, 900, 1000] yds / 686 [750, 823, 915] m



24-29" US #8 (5 mm) circular needle



4 stitch markers



16 sts/24 rows = 4"/10 cm in stockinette stitch

16 sts/28 rows = 4"/10 cm in garter stitch



k: knit

yo: yarn over

st(s): stitch(es)

slp: slip 1 st purl-wise

m: marker

sm: slip marker to right needle



  • Double knit and colors - Hold 2 strands of variegated yarn (1 green strand and 1 beige strand) while working the first 15 [15, 16, 16]'' measured at the center back. Change to 2 strands of beige yarn and continue with it to the end of the back. Change to the green/beige combination to knit the front hem.

  • Armholes get somewhat stretched down when you wear the tunic due to the weight of the lower body part. For this reason, the initial armhole depth is reduced in this design.

  • Cast-on – Use the long-tail method for initial cast-on and the backwards loop method for additional stitches for the underarms.






Using circular needle and variegated yarn, cast on 52 [56, 60, 64] sts.

Rows 1-2: slp, k to end.

Row 3 (ws): slp, k3 (for front), pm, k8 [9, 10, 11] (for shoulder), pm, k28 [30, 32, 34] (for back), pm, k8 [9, 10, 11] (for shoulder), pm, k4 (for front).

Row 4 and following even rows to end of yoke (rs): slp, k1, yo, *k to 1 st before m, yo, k1, sm, k1, yo, rep from * to last 2 sts, yo, k2.

Row 5 and following odd rows to end of yoke (ws): slp, k to end.

Work in pattern until yoke reaches 16 [16, 17, 19] garter ridges or 14 [14, 15, 17] eyelets on either side of each raglan line.

On next (last) row of yoke, finish shoulder armholes, dividing them from body at the same time.

Last row of yoke (rs): slp, k left front sts, bind off shoulder sts (remove markers), k back sts, bind off shoulder sts (remove markers), k right front sts.

Make sure to bind off equal amount of sts for armholes symmetrically.




After last row, join front and back and work in the round in stockinette, casting additional sts for underarms on round 1.

Round 1: k left front sts, cast on tightly 9 [11, 15, 16] sts (for left underarm), k back sts, cast on tightly 9 [11, 15, 16] sts (for right underarm), k right front sts.

Next rounds to hem (approx. next 15.5''): work in stockinette stitch.

At the same time, when body measures approx. 5'' to yoke, start making 2 simple increases at both left and right sides on every 8th round (total 4 increases on round) until hem starts.

Change to beige yarn when length measures approx. 11.5'' to yoke.

When length measures approx. 15.5'' to yoke, work hem rows in garter stitch separately for front and back.

Back hem: work 30 rows in garter stitch (=15 ridges).

Bind off knit-wise on ws.

Front hem: change to variegated yarn and work 24 rows in garter stitch (=12 ridges).

Finally, make left and right side end curves on front hem:

Rows 25-26 (short): k20, turn needle, k to end.

Rows 27-28 (short): k10, turn needle, k to end.

Row 29 (full): k to end of row.

Next 2 rows (short): k20, turn needle, k to end.

Next 2 rows (short): k10, turn needle, k to end.

Next row (full): k to end of row.

Bind off knit-wise on ws.




Wet- or steam-block the garment. When using steam, block only the stockinette part of the knit.

Do not steam-block garter parts.


Download Complete Tutorial (PDF)





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